Fast-paced racing game that lets you zoom through busy city streets in powerful motorcycles

Fast-paced racing game that lets you zoom through busy city streets in powerful motorcycles

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Ketchap Games

Highway Traffic Rider 3D is a fast-paced motorcycle racing game.

This first-person motorcycle racing game pushes the envelope! Vehicles handle realistically, and the game has dynamic weather and environments. Players can choose to play alone or to play online and face a competitive leader board!

Rather than just simply racing other motorcycles on controlled courses, as many games have players do, you can choose among several different modes. The first mode is called "One-Way Mode" and allows players to fly down a highway during rush hour on one of twelve motorcycles in the game. The next mode, "Two-Way Mode," has players race while driving into oncoming traffic for a more thrilling experience. The third mode, "Police Chase," allows players to run from the police on their motorcycles.

Much of the game is focused on pulling trick combos and driving as dangerously as possible. Driving into oncoming traffic without causing an accident and going at very high speeds will add to players' points. "Trophies" within the game can only be won during multiplayer matches (one trophy for a loss, and three trophies for a win). There are also "skills" that players can acquire by playing through the game. "Buffs" may be purchased with "cash" earned within the game. These are one-race power-ups that give players one out of several selected advantages.

Of course, there is also a standard "Race" mode that allows players to race on motorcycles in controlled environments. This can be done in multiplayer, and players can battle head-to-head with other players online. "Reward Points" are earned for performing stunts during races and for winning them. Players can use these points in the "in-game store" to purchase a variety of gear and upgrades for their motorcycles.

Compared to other racing games, Highway Traffic Rider 3D has amazing graphics and very realistic handling of motorcycles. Its dynamically generated environments are also highly realistic, and the artificial intelligence behind police vehicles in this game is on-point! Expect to put in lots of concentration and effort to beat out the police and other players! The game even runs well on older systems. The only downside to the game is that Highway Traffic Rider 3D allows players to purchase "points" and "cash" with actual cash. Some may argue that this creates a "pay to win" system, whereby the players who have the most disposable income win the game. However, the game's publisher has been working towards making the game more equitable. The game also contains small, but noticeable advertisements, which may bother some players. Players may pay to have the advertisements removed.


  • Realistic and intense races
  • Has both single player and multiplayer modes
  • Has a variety of modes, adding replayability


  • Game contains advertisements
  • Players can pay real money for upgrades

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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